Andrew Hollingworth Frost, Biographical sketch.

Andrew H. Frost (Hull 1819 - Cambridge 1907)
His portrait in 1870, from the Church Mission Society archives

Panchavati view, Godavari river, Nasik (Nashik), India

Beginning of the Frost's article in the Encyclopaedia Britannica
(here the 11th edition, 1911)

Frost's cube of nine, Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge.
Length 289mm; breadth 286mm; height 270mm. Turned square ebony base carries glass cube (edges covered with gold paper) which contains 7 glass plates. Each plate, together with the back and front of the cube carries 81 numbers, printed on paper, arranged in 9 rows of 9 columns.  Each position on the grid has two numbers, one facing in each direction.  These numbers run from 1 to 729.


This biography of Andrew H. Frost has not been published before. Many many thanks to:

  • Fiona Colbert, Biographical Assistant, St John's College, Cambridge
  • Monica Elsey, Assistant Keeper of Collections, Whipple Museum, Cambridge
  • Jane Wess, Senior Curator, Astronomy and Mathematics Collection, Science Museum, London
  • Adrian Whicher, Assistant Curator, Astronomy and Mathematics Collection, Science Museum, London
  • Jayne Makepeace, Faculty Team Librarian, Chemistry and Mathematics, Leeds University Library, Leeds
  • Martin Killeen, Reference Librarian, Special Collections, University of Birmingham, Main Library, Birmingham
  • Ken Osborne, Archivist / Records Manager, Church Mission Society, London
  • Noel Flower, (on the children Percy H., Jane H., and Catherine) Cambridge, New Zealand
  • John Williamson, (on the children Thomas and Horace, on the cube of eleven and Firth's cube of six) Ascot, UK

for their kind and efficient help.

Christian Boyer.

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