John R. Hendricks, biographical notes.
from the Journal of Recreational Mathematics, Vol. 18, 1985-86, page 134.
(see his other biographical sketch)

John R. Hendricks was born in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) on September 4, 1929.

Interest in magic squares was aroused when the initial Library Period at Point Grey Junior High School in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia, he was told by the librarian to grab a book, sit down, and be quiet. At the age of thirteen, in Grade 8, he began to collect all known magic squares and cubes, their method of construction and whatever else was known on the subject. Graduating with a B.A. in 1951 from the University of British Columbia, he took a summer job with the British Columbia Forest Service as a Lookout Tower Observer. Sitting upon the top of a mountain on Vancouver Island, he probed the problem deeper, but became very close to losing all his notes on the subject, as well as his life, because of a forest fire. In the many years of moving around Canada, during spare time, solutions to magic cubes and hypercubes would occur sporadically. He has found that occasionnally new thought brings solutions to problems at two times - one is when you are so busy with something else that you cannot get at the problem, and the other time is when you are completely relaxed. Mr Hendricks has also advanced in other fields of science including probability theory.

Mr Hendricks is now a retired meteorologist.

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