Richard Schroeppel, Biographical sketch.

 Richard Schroeppel (Illinois 1948 - )
(photo by Thane Plambeck, 2004)

I am a computing mathematician, Utah, USA. BS math MIT '68. Working with Magic Squares for forty years.

I'm 55 years old, born in 1948 in Illinois, near Chicago. I worked at the University of Arizona Computer Sciences department from 1991-1998 as a security researcher. They've generously continued my computer account and web page at I currently work for Sandia National Labs.

Ancient achievements include factoring Mersennes M137 & M149, counting magic squares of size 5, showing tictactoe 73 and 114 are draws, first time-analysis of the continued fraction factoring method, invention of the "linear sieve" for factoring, early computer programs for finding multiperfect numbers, discovery of the cuphook oscillator in Life, development of methods for computing Bessel J0(e+pi) to a jillion places, early work on numerical transcendence checking.

Modern work includes elliptic curve algorithms & programs, the Hasty Pudding Cipher, determination of minimal cicruits for boolean functions of 4 variables, showing that 21/5 has a division algorithm, and finding new loopers for the 00/1101 Post Tag problem.

Richard Schroeppel
December 5th, 2003

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