Magic squares of 7th powers
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Magic squares of 7th powers have been known since 2004-2005, using very big 65536 x 65536 heptamagic squares, directly raising their integers to the seventh power.

But is it possible to construct smaller squares of 7th powers? Hopefully, yes! In 2012 and 2013, using methods similar to those already used for squares of 6th powers, Jaroslaw Wroblewski and Toshihiro Shirakawa constructed these squares:

The best known = the smallest known magic and semi-magic are these two squares below from Toshihiro Shirakawa.
In his 144x144 magic square, amazing and fun: the 52 digits of S7 are exactly the 52 first digits of the famous number Pi... YES,  !!!!
But not a coincidence... S7 = T1xT2... and in his construction method, he chose T1 and T2 for that.

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