12x12 magic squares of cubes.
12x12 magic squares of 4th powers.
12x12 magic squares of 5th powers.
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At least one 12x12 magic square of cubes is known: using the 12x12 trimagic square of Walter Trump constructed in 2002, it is easy to obtain a magic square of cubes, directly raising to the third power its integers.

François Labelle, inspired by Lee Morgenstern's 6x6 method, found in April 2010 a method to construct 12x12 semi-magic squares of fourth powers (or of any Nth-powers).

If the two equations (12.1) (12.2) are true:

then this square is a semi-magic square of Nth-powers, with magic sum SN = yz:

Here is his solution of fourth powers, giving the smallest magic sum and 144 distinct integers:

generating the square:

This method can't be applied to 5th powers: because nobody knows a Taxicab(5, 3, 3) number (means a5 + b5 + c5 = d5 + e5 + f5 = g5 + h5 + i5), it will be very difficult to find a solution of the more difficult (12.1) equation which is a Taxicab(5, 3, 4) number!

Open problems:

March 2018, Nicolas Rouanet, France, constructed this 12x12 (and also a 10x10) nearly-magic square of consecutive 4th powers from 0^4 to 143^4:

Nicolas Rouanet remarked, using a reasoning modulo 5, that a 12x12 magic (or semi-magic) square is impossible using consecutive 4th powers from 1^4 to 144^4.

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